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Outpost is a new kind of social app for use off grid. It uses ad hoc mobile mesh networks for secure transfer of messages and content. It connects to fixed position and mobile devices nearby to form a local network. Unique features include connecting without Internet on a hyper local basis, viewing and posting on a geo-specific basis. Think of Outpost as a Foursquare, WhatsApp, Pokemon Go, Snapchat mash up for off-grid use.

Outpost app solves many issues. Without Internet, users are confined to their devices. Outpost uses advanced mobile mesh technologies to provide an alternative network. It allows users to exchange messages and share content locally. Users of current apps are aware their data can be seen, shared and hacked when stored in the cloud. No Outpost data or comms are stored in the cloud. Encryption is used for peer-to-peer transfers.

Outpost App